Buy Mixer – Alto Ghibli 16FX. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. User’s Manual GHIBLI 16/ GHIBLI 16FX CHANNEL MIXING CONSOLE/WITH DIGITAL EFFECTS R LTO Version September Alto Professional Legacy Mixer GHIBLIFX. CHANNEL MIXING CONSOLE WITH DIGITAL EFFECTS. Alto Professional Legacy Mixer GHIBLIFX TECH.

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Inserting this processor it is possible to increase and optimize the general performance at low frequency of the mixer. While speaking into the mic or playing the instrumentadjust the channel level control so to maintain a good headroom and vhibli dynamic range. Speed 2 8 Vibrato1 Base Rev.

ghihli When you insert a TRS jack in the insert socket, the signal will be taken out after the channel compressor, sent to an external processor, and returned into the channel strip immediately before the EQ section. Speed 4 6 Vibrato3 Base Rev. External Connection Protect the power cord and plug from any physical stress to avoid risk of electric shock. Simply follow these schemes.

Alto Professional – LEGACY MIXERS Series > GHIBLI 16FX

Any photocopy, translation, or reproduction of part of 1f6x manual without written permission is forbidden. Please provide a copy of your sales receipt or other proof of purchase with the returned machine, and give detail information about your return address and contact telephone number.

  LA76931K 7N 5AM3 PDF

Disposing of this product should not be placed in municipal waste and should be Separate collection. Never cut internal or external Ground wires. Do not place heavy objects on the power cord.

An attentive use of this control will give you a very wide ghili of sound effects. It is used to boost male voice, 16f or bass guitar. Please prepay all the costs involved in the return shipping, handling and insurance. Speed 1 9 Flanger4 Base Rev. Also, You should make sure that all input and output controls are turned down before connecting the AC adapter.

All features and content might be changed without prior notice. You can shape the tone of each channel by adjusting the equalizer controls as desired. Power Cord and Plug Do not tamper with ghigli power cord or plug.

Set panoramic controls on ghiibli middle position. It can affect most fundamental frequencies of all musical instruments and human voice. Power Supply Ensure that the mains source voltage AC outlet matches the voltage rating of the product. Speed 3 7 Vibrato2 Base Rev. Do not use any solvents such as Benzol or Alcohol. Speed 2 12 Flanger1 Base Rev.


For safety, keep product clean and free from dust. You can use it to get rid of high frequency noises or to boost the sound of cymbals or the high harmonics of the human ghubli. Speed 4 14 Chorus3 Base Rev. Insert function for all mono channels.

Alto Ghibli 16FX – 16-Channel Mixing Console with Digital Effects

So you should follow these procedures for every single channel: In case of the digital effect module being muted, this LED also lights up. If in doubt, seek advice from a registered electrician. Your system will sound much bigger than what it is.

Hazardous Live Terminal ON: Servicing Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel only. Properly connect all external devices such as microphone, power amplifier, speakers etc. Do not remove Ground connections!

Failure to do so could result in fire.

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