Khutba e Fidak Urdu – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Bagh e by Muhammad Tariq Hanafi Sunni Lahori. Usage CC0 Universal. Topics Bagh e , urdu, islamic book. Collection. Hazrat Syedina Abubakr Siddique aur dosray Khulafa nay Bagh e Fidak kyu Syeda Fatima RaziAllah anha aur Ahlebait kay hawalay nahe kia.

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According to Sunnis, Fadak was a piece of land, near Khaiber, where Jews lived. Agar hum aap bhi us zamane me hote to sahabi hote ,to kya hum sab maasoom ho jaate.???? You are listening to my words why are you lax with regards to helping me? It is not necessary that the character of a husband and wife be the same.

Can someone please send me a complete book in PDF aghaffarpakarab gmail. These references prove that Sayyida Fatima fieak was angry at both Abu Bakr and Ayesha, those that Sayyida Fatima as are angry at cannot be the most beloved of Rasulullah s. Ye aapne koi kitab padi bhi hai ya apne mullayon ki andi taqleed kar rahe hain.

All the narrations regarding this are weak. After a short pause she praised Allah, sent Salaam on her father the Prophet and said: He stated as follows in Minhaj as Sunnah:. Aap Dalail shia book say nahin balkay Ahle Sunnat kn books say dain.


When Umar became Caliph, the value of the land of Fadak along with its dates was 50, dirhams. Allah behtar janeny wala ha! Abu Bakr refused to give Fatima any fixak it so Fatima was angry and disappointed with Abu Bakr and she never spoke to him until she died.

Bagh E Fidak Shia Sunni Nazariyat Ki Roshni Main By Nawab Muhsin Ul Mulk Mehdi Ali Khan

He sent a person to Abu Bakr requesting him to visit him unaccompanied by anyone disapproving the presence of Umar. Tuesday, May 19, But, there are several famous Sunni scholars who specify that the revelation of Banu an-Nadir, Khaybar and Fadak.

Ye baat aap logon ko kyon samajh nahi aati????? September 21, at 7: Sahaba use kehte hain jinhone Paigambar ko kam se kam ni baar dekha Register a new account. When Sayyida Zaynab as appeared before Yazid as a prisoner in Sham Syriaeven he rudu subjected her to the type of swear words that Abu Bakr exposed Hadhrat Fatima as to. Al-Muntasirhowever, apparently maintained the decision of Al-Ma’munthus allowing Fatimah’s progeny to manage Fadak.

Sayyida Fatima (as)’s response to the confiscation of Fadak

As evidence we shall cite the following esteemed Sunni works:. October 21, at 7: Fatimah and al Abbas came to Abu Bakr demanding their [share of] inheritance of the Messenger of God. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.


This is not such a big deal, nor is it a long time. Umar who had not accepted Islam by that time would beat her mercilessly until he was tired.

His response left her dumbfounded. BB code is On. The Ismailis in the Middle Ages: And whatsoever he forbiddeth, abstain from it. Or did she blatantly disregard the word of her father? Page 2 of 2. Not all the children of Adam are the same; some are superior to others as is the case with Sayyida Fatima as.

Do as you deem advisable. The Banu an-Nadir property was kept for his emergent needs, Fadak for travellers, and Khaybar was divided by the Apostle of Allah into three sections: April 22, at 6:

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