On December 28, Shinchosha published an update on its Twelve Kingdoms website (and also to Fuyumi Ono’s Twitter feed). Last year. Writer Fuyumi Ono reported on her official Twitter account on Monday that she is aiming to finish her new work in The Twelve Kingdoms novel. I found The Twelve Kingdoms several years ago when the original book series by Fuyumi Ono was being translated and published by the now.

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Language is clean and there’s only one instance where sex is implied. This is Ono’s greatest achievement as well as her most amusing hindrance, I suspect, because high fantasy is often predicated on a clear delineation of that which is good and that which is not. For me, this is the ultimate accomplishment of any YA writers. So I decided to picked up the first in the series. Aside from that, she’s perfect.

At the center of the world lies the Koukai the Yellow Sea and Five Mountains where the Gods communicate their will to the Twelve Kingdoms of the world. Too bad for her, she was born with naturally red hair in a country where everybody has black hair and dyed hair is considered rebellious behavior of delinquents.

The Twelve Kingdoms: Sea of Shadow

Some of the ideas and imagery were so gorgeously bizarre the eggfruit trees! We shall always keep on improving ourselves.

Suika no Hoshi Kara Konnichiwa zansu! I love that feeling of being so connected to a character that you bawl over them when they’re losing their way! So Ono taking out that biological feature from women takes out the historical underpinning of the double standards in The Twelve Kingdoms and allows its women not to be defined by roles dealing with babies and birth.


With the Twelve Kingdoms series, Fuyumi Ono has created a high fantasy universe on a par with the more familiar medieval European milieu. The first entry in the series called ” The Twelve Kingdoms: The first book was released in March This was my interpretation of why she removed the child bearing ability from a single sex. News News chronological archives This book was on my shelf for about a year, taunting me with it’s width and bright blue dust jacket. If you enjoyed the series and want to relive it, you’ll enjoy reading it.

I must seek cover May 12, Jennifer Wardrip rated it liked it Shelves: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. She later worked certain events from this novel into the Twelve Kingdoms series. I was hoping for more content and story than presented in the TV series, but the TV series followed this first book closely.

Thanks to Rakushun for moving things foward! Blood Prison Road to Ninja: However, the TV series does leave a few loss ends, and the books are suppose to resolve them; however, only two of the English version books have been released.

There they are separated, leaving Youko in a strange, unfriendly place and no idea why she was brought there or what to do next. Honestly, I cannot stress enough how much I love this series! Youko becomes monarch of Kei. I suppose because she was a high school student, there is a certain level of immaturity and disbelief at that age, but it weighed down the progress of the story. A habitant of a neighboring village?

We fuyuml information at the same time as Yoko does on her journey. The novels were licensed in the United States by Tokyopop and the first four volumes were released between March and November as part of their Pop Fiction line. Requiem of the Golden Witch Volumes Dec 30, Ono began writing the light novel series rwelveand has published 12 volumes in Japan.


This book started with a pop, and then dropped to a slow buildup. Keep up the good work! I’ve finished the book several times and has taken me two or three days to kingvoms each time. Anime and Manga portal. There is a number of big, main questions to be answered, and the author takes her time to reveal things.

The Twelve Kingdoms – Wikipedia

Media Blasters originally offered the series in North America in August and then in a complete collection release in To ask other readers questions about The Twelve Kingdomsplease sign up.

Naruto the Movie Boruto: You are commenting using your Twitter account. The first book focuses on Youko Nakajima, a high school student living an unremarkable life in Japan. Sep 22, Julie rated it it was amazing.

Fantasy Fantasy Books Graphic Novels: The story and the mystery behind what was happening to Yoko drew me in.

While the inhabitants of the Twelve Kingdoms are aware of the existence of our world, the reverse is not true. This book or books? The book fuyymi fascinatingdespite a somewhat too ordinary beginning.

According to an interview at the Anime News Network, she is “currently rewriting a girls’ horror series she wrote long ago.

Naruto Next Generations 87 Double Decker! Mar 06, Minh Ha rated it it was amazing. Kind of curious whether your thoughts on the matter are the same. The retro release of teelve ’80s sci fi action series stands out for its throwback box art that looks like it belongs in the back room of a shuttered video store.

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