Looking for a Honeywell CMTA Programmable Thermostat? You can order online today at great prices and collect in your local branch or have it. Installation Guide. CM / CM Wireless Programmable. Room Thermostat & BDR91 Relay Box. Description. The Honeywell CM Wireless (CM or. Honeywell CM In my home (includes DIY) MoneySaving. There’s something about resetting the programmes on page 13 of the manual?.

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Hi currently have a glow worm betacom with electromechanical clock and Drayton mains voltage room stat. Xm927 Honeywell receiver will connect to the manuql wires as the BR1 receiver. Also easy to programme and the batteries last about two years if you use good alkalines.

You will need to replace the whole system including motorised valves to have a wireless control. Hydronic Balancing Protecting the Heating System. What would you recommend? Can I replace the thermostat with a CMT unit, rebinding as necessary to give me time control.

Will be using again.

Generally a first class product, just waiting for the next generation connecting to a phone app. Yes, you can wire two zones valves in parallel to the receiver, or order a second receiver and have it control both receivers.

Is the Siemens better value for money and more reliable? Turn off more accessible mode. By using this site, you consent to the use of cookies. Can I get it repaired or can I buy a new controller without replacing the receiver unit?


I like all the features of the wireless Honeywell but do like a one hour boost for coming in late at night or coming home unexpectedly. Will the CM operate more manal one zone valve for heating purposes?

Is there a way to fix this? If the light on the receiver is staying on, then it is likely to be a communication fault.

Honeywell CM Manuals

Click to read more Heating Controls Online reviews at Reviews. We have the CM, the second digit of the temp is missing. Does this control hot water? I already have the system, but need to replace a damaged thermo.

honeywelll Sent those and they sent a replacement which I paired to the receiver and installed myself; they paid postage to return the old one so they could see what went wrong. Does the CM already include any of the additional features required for Boiler Plus like Load compensation? Do you recommend any other make? If this is not a similar replacement then what is? It will be installed, and wired to, the receiver for that zone.

I’m afraid they are not repairable units.

I would leave the existing programmer which is outside the building with the boiler on 24hours A: They come prebound, so as long as you replace both parts, it will work from the box. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server.


Sounds like you have a faulty unit which needs to be replaced. My is Honeywell CM wireless thermostat. Is it possible to email me the instruction booklet for the CM A: It’s an expensive item and Honsywell expect as a brand they produce high quality products built to last. Is there any way to restore this or am I looking at buying a new thermostat? The original batteries have leaked! Currently have Honeywell B wireless room stat and receiver.

RF Chronotherm with extended feature set and slim ultra-modern design CM927, CM921

I had a cm67 ng purchased by me 8 yrs ago but never used recently installed in a rarely used annexe. It has a manuwl – it only takes 30 seconds to add a minute to the time, so it goes from 9am to 10 am in 30 minutes! Used for general purpose control of boiler, zone values, circulation pumps, thermal actuators, electric heaters, heat pumps, etc.

No, it only controls heating. To do so you will need to add a mains feed as the CM is battery powered and the receiver is mains powered.

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