In The Lumber-Room by Saki we have the theme of imagination, ingenuity, trust, freedom, arrogance, escape and pride. Taken from his The. The children were to be driven, as a special treat, to the sands at Jagborough. Nicholas was not to be of the party; he was in disgrace. Only that morning he had . A few attributes of story: -The aunt is tyrannical. She thinks Boy would try to enter into the garden, only because she told him not to. -It is depicted that Adult lacks.

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First and foremost there was a piece of framed tapestry that was evidently meant to be a fire-screen. A man, dressed in the hunting costume of some remote period, had bh transfixed a stag with an arrow; it could not have been a difficult shot because the stag was only one or two paces away from him; in the thickly-growing vegetation that the picture suggested it would not have been difficult to creep up to a feeding stag, and the two spotted dogs that were springing forward to join in the chase had evidently been trained to keep to heel till the arrow was discharged.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. As a matter of fact, however, all the crying was done by his girl-cousin, who scraped her knee rather painfully against the step of the rom as she was scrambling in.

Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. She remains silent the reader aware that her pride has been wounded and that she has lost her battle with Nicholas. His aunt was still calling his name when he sauntered into the front garden.

Short Story Analysis: The Lumber-Room by Saki (H.H. Munro) – The Sitting Bee

It is said that when a Cernogratz dies in the family castle, the wolves in the forest howl all night long Lumbwr that sski was partaken of in a fearsome silence. Like Us On Facebook. Nicholas sat for many golden minutes revolving the possibilities of the scene; he was inclined to think that there were more than four wolves and that the man and his dogs were in a tight corner.


It was her habit, whenever one of the children fell from grace, to improvise something of a festival nature from which the offender would be rigorously debarred; if all the children sinned collectively they were suddenly informed of a circus in a neighbouring town, a circus of unrivalled merit and uncounted elephants, to which, lumbee for their depravity, ther would have been taken that very day.

Less promising in appearance was a saji square book with plain black covers; Nicholas peeped into it, and, behold, it was full of coloured pictures of birds. As a matter of fact, he had no intention of trying to get into the gooseberry garden, but it was extremely aaki for him that his aunt should believe rpom he had; it was a belief that would keep her on selfimposed sentry-duty for the greater part of the aftemoon.

Presently the angry repetitions of Nicholas’s name gave way to a shriek, and a cry for somebody to come quickly. Then he crept from the room, locked the door, and replaced the key exactly where he had found it. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

The dramatic part ssaki the incident was that there really was a frog in Nicholas’s basin of bread-and-milk; he had put it there himself, so he felt entitled to know something about it. The delicious wit and enterprise of Nicholas is what thrills us in the story; his aunt, we feel, belongs in that water-tank with all the other boring adults.

Often and often Nicholas had pictured to himself what the lumber-room might be like, that region that was so carefully sealed from youthful eyes and concerning which no questions were ever answered.

The children were to be driven, as a special treat, to the sands at Jagborough.

Munro 28 Mar Dermot Saki H. Which would lead the reader to again saku supportive of Nicholas. There is also a sense that Nicholas feels proud about bt ability to outsmart his Aunt and the other adults when it comes to the incident with the frog. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!


His cousins’ aunt, who insisted, by an unwarranted stretch of imagination, in styling herself his aunt also, had hastily invented the Jagborough expedition in order to impress on Nicholas the delights that he had justly forfeited by his disgraceful conduct at the breakfast-table.

The Wolves Of Lhmber. By standing on a chair in the library one could reach a shelf on which reposed a fat, important-looking key.

Interesting Literature

Nicholas shut the book, restored it carefully to its place in a corner, and shook some dust from a neighbouring pile of newspapers over it. And there was a carved sandal-wood box packed tight with aromatic cotton-wool, hy between the layers of cotton-wool were little brass figures, hump-necked lumbee, and peacocks and goblins, delightful to see and to handle.

I know there are four jars of it in the store cupboard, because I looked, and of course you know it’s there, but she doesn’t, because she said there wasn’t any.

I’ve been looking for you in the gooseberry garden, and I’ve slipped into the rain-water tank. Aunt often tells me that the Evil One tempts me and that I always yield.

Unlike his Aunt who the reader discovers later on in the story has lied about the jam. He is not constrained as others would be. Older and wiser and better people had told him that there could not possibly be a frog in his bread-and-milk and that he was not to talk nonsense; sak continued, nevertheless, to talk what seemed the veriest nonsense, and described with much detail the coloration and markings of the alleged frog.

The man had only two arrows left in his quiver, and he might miss with one or both of them; all one knew about his skill in shooting was that he could hit a large stag at a ridiculously short range.

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